I recently upgraded to a XFX 8800GTX, and i was delighted to see that it came with an OEM version of the above game.

I installed it, registered it throught steam and was obliged to wait for it to update to the latest version before i could launch it.

With this done i excitedly launched the DX10 version.

The problem i have is that i cannot change the settings on the menus, as they keep scrolling up to the top when i hover my mouse over any of the boxes. This is infuriating as i want to boost some of the settings to stretch the legs on this new card!

I dont know if this has happened to anyone else before, but any advice would be greatly recieved.

It was a fresh OS install after putting the new card in, and i have reinstalled the game, after it first happened, but same happened second time round. I have also tried the DX9 version with the same results.

My specs should be under My System.