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Thread: wi-fi card for palm handheld having problems, any help?

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    Unhappy wi-fi card for palm handheld having problems, any help?

    ok i got a palm with a wi-fi card
    a Tungsten T3 palm
    with a palm wi-fi card
    running on softtware version 5.2.1
    does any1 know how to set up the equipment. the wireless network im using is a Belkin54g 54mbps
    basically i've put in the wifi card and it can find the network no problem then i use the application it came with called "web pro" it connects to the internet just fine (or so it says) but when i punch in a website in the address bar it opens a small window saying

    DNS lookup timed out.
    Please check coverage,
    and try again. [comm.8]
    can anyone help me? its a real pain and you bunch just rock at this sort of thing

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    Re: wi-fi card for palm handheld having problems, any help?

    Whilst I'm not familar with the Palm's software, the error message is indicating a problem with your domain name server being unavailable. Do you have a way of connecting a PC to this router? If so you can find out your DNS IP address by going to Start Menu -> Run -> type in cmd and click OK

    In the DOS box, type ipconfig /all

    Once you have the primary and secondary DNS IP addresses, the Palm should have some place to enter this manually, check under things like the connection settings or network connected status.

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    Re: wi-fi card for palm handheld having problems, any help?

    you could use windows to configure ur setting and use the windows network finder wrks well with me and it should with u

    good luck!!!

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