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Thread: Urgent Help Needed. Dead Computer Crisis

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    Urgent Help Needed. Dead Computer Crisis

    I have an e-machines 3210 that has gone dead. I have had the back off (well,ok the side) and there is a little sign of life. There is a small green light the comes on when the machine is plugged in, but none of the fans start and apart from this light it is dead. Please someone tell me it is salvagable. I don't think I can afford a new comp (well maybe, just). Is it worth taking to be repaired? Would it cost as much as a new machine? Please Help. Thanks.

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    Re: Urgent Help Needed. Dead Computer Crisis

    The light will mean there's some power getting to the motherboard.

    I don't suppose there are any bleeps? If it hasn't got a little speaker in the case or on the motherboard then if you could find one to plug in then that might be useful.

    Have you got any spare bit to swap out to try and find the fault? Chances are there's only 1 thing wrong, finding what it is is the challenge

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    Re: Urgent Help Needed. Dead Computer Crisis

    With no fans starting I'd suggest that it is a power supply fault. Unplug everything from the mother board other than the power connector from the power supply, the on/off switch cable. Connect the cpu fan (leave the cpu in place but remove the ram) If you still get no cpu fan running I'd be almost 100% certain it's the power supply that is faulty. If that's the case then go to your local parts supplier and buy a ***DECENT**** power supply - do not buy a no-name piece of junk that weights about half a pound. Power supplies are one of the few things that more weight means better. If you're ordering one online post on here and someone will give you sound advice for what to buy and from where.

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