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Thread: Do I need a PSU replaced?

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    Do I need a PSU replaced?

    Hello, there.

    I am wondering if you can help.

    It looks like I need a new FSP PSU.

    I have a Packard Bell Ixtreme Gold MC 1807 desktop and recently
    after being switched to hibernate it refused to do so. Well, it seems to have
    shut XP and froze. I could not do anything even turn it off by pressing
    and holding the power button. So I had to pull the plug.
    Now after I press power the button (after the reconnection to
    the power) it would not start, however, the CPU fan and the fan on the
    motherboard (on the processor) spin normally, yet the HDD does not
    If I want to switch the pc off (as nothing is happening, BIOS is not
    loading, no beeps or anything), I have to physically pull the plug out
    of the power socket as the pc does not react to my pressing the power
    button at all.
    The light on the motherboard is on and the light on the power
    button is also (but red light, not blue).
    THe monitor shows a message "check signal cable", but I think
    this is because there is no signal coming to it as the cable is properly
    attached. A have checked all the connectors and they are fine and there
    is no sign of burn marks or smell.
    My guess it is the PSU problem, perhaps, it's either broken or
    become insufficiently powerful for my use (it's only 250W, the model is FSB
    250-60PNA-E(PF)). In that case I need a more powerful PSU.
    Can anyone please confirm/dismiss my

    Appreciating your help and waiting to hear.

    Best Regards

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    Re: Do I need a PSU replaced?

    The PSU, is indeed, one possability, however, there are many other possabilities also, including but not limited to, the graphic card, the hard disk, a stick of RAM, or the motherboard it's self!

    The lack of POST beeps or other signs, makes it more difficult to know where to begin looking... I honestly can't suggest the best place to start, it could be anything, it's just a matter of picking one, and checking it.

    If you have multiple sticks of ram, try removing all but one stick, if it still fails, swap that stick for another one, you could also disconnect all non-essential hardware from the motherboard to see if that will let it boot (ie, disconnect any CD/DVD drives you have from the motherboard and from the powersupply, remove all USB devices, etc)

    If it's not the RAM, or a secondary device connected to the motherboard, then it has to be one of the other things in the list above, but finding out which one without spare hardware to try (or another computer to try the bits in), then you could be looking for a long time before you find it I'm afraid.

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    Re: Do I need a PSU replaced?

    Thanks a lot. I will do as recommended.
    I have also borrowed a PSU tester and checked the PSU. One of the indicators on the tester was not lit, but there is inconsistent info on the net if this is a problem for this PSU or not...

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    Re: Do I need a PSU replaced?

    If the hard drive isn't spinning up, then certainly the PSU (or hard drive) is dead. It doesn't have to be connected to the motherboard to spin up.

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