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Thread: Hi.... New to Site and I need a Guru

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    Question Hi.... New to Site and I need a Guru


    I'm desperate to play Crysis

    In a flap tho over my GPU, as I really want to see it in all its glory.

    From the Mag Reviews they are stating that minimum to see the game in all its glory is a 8800GTX.

    Luckily I have some money available and was close to ordering an XFX 8800 Ultra, but then thought hang would i not be better down the SLi route.

    I know nothing about SLi, anybody got any advise. I know I will need to change my mobbie, but I could hopefully re-use my GTS and add another.

    Any GPU sages out there....the games out and I'm not ready!!


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    Re: Hi.... New to Site and I need a Guru

    You won't see it in all its glory if you had four 8800GTXs strapped together because it is such a demading game. Your 8800 GTS will give you a reasonable experience at 1280 x 1024 at medium to high settings. If you want the full experience using DX10 and everything on very high then you will have to wait, not for the next Nvidia card but the one after that.
    If you want to try SLI then it would be more economical to get two 512 Mb 8800 GT and a new mobo like the Asus Striker Extreme.

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