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Thread: TJ09 Fan help

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    TJ09 Fan help

    Ok already have 3x120mm fans installed and the 120mm side vent thingy but theres space for another 120mm fan between the hdd's, my question is which direction do i want the air flow going. Sucking in from the bottom of the case or pushing out through the bottom of the case.

    Its the black bit between the two hdd cages that holds the fan but im unsure as to which way to have it facing.

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    Re: TJ09 Fan help

    I build all my rigs with the vent at the back, in other words, ALL fans draw cold air IN to the case, with the exception of the fans on the back, which push air OUT, the philosophy behind this, is simply to draw as much cold air as possible in to the case, but at the same time, to facilitate air flow, provide at least one powered 'vent'.

    Some cases, (for example the Coolermaster Stacker) have a fan located in the top of the case also, and in that situation, I would also use the top fan as a vent rather than an intake, due to the whole 'heat rising' thing, in this situation the case would have vents on both the back and the top, with all other fans being 'intake'

    Essentially, you want to draw cold air over the HD's, rather than pulling often warmer 'case ambient temp' air over the HD's, and I would expect to find cold air at floor level (heat rises), if that helps...

    Nice case btw

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