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Thread: New PSU Issues

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    New PSU Issues

    I've just replaced an old 350W PSU with a new 750W Xclio PSU in order to make room for future upgrades - I checked the power connections with the working PC, made notes of where all the power cables went so that I would connect the new PSU correctly.

    Job done, the modular wiring is all nice and tidy, case side back on. Plugged in, turn on and.... a blue flash as my led fans come on for a second, the hdd and power lights flick on and off once. Then there is nothing but a strange smell, I take the side door off and there is a whsp of smoke near my HDD caddy and motherboard.

    I tried reassembling the PC with the old PSU, now it's completely unresponsive, I get the Abit code lights on the motherboard but when I press the power button there's nothing, like it's not connected (which it is, I've checked).

    So now I appear to have a dead PC and I'm assuming the culprit has got to be the PSU. How can I tell what is the issue with my current PC and what should I do about the PSU and attempting to claim for any damage it caused?


    ~ Wyoming

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    Re: New PSU Issues

    ring scan up

    tell them exactly what happened, bit by bit, and if your lucky, they might compensate you for your pc

    they will HAVE to compensate you for the psu...

    thats the course of action you must take...

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