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Thread: Can't change my FSB Frequencies

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    Can't change my FSB Frequencies

    Quick question guys. I'm using an MSI P6n SLI mobo and I'm trying to overclock. In he BIOS, the FSB and DRAM Frequencies are grayed out and I can't change them directly. They are at the top and seperate from everything else, I can't even get the cursor to move up there. Below they are displayed in mhz, 1066/533 respectively. I can edit those, however. All the tutorials I am reading are written so that you change the frequencies yourself so I wasn't sure what I should do. I'm using an e4500. I tried using ctrl+f1, but that doesn't work. Thanks

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    Re: Can't change my FSB Frequencies

    It's possible that either a) You have a board not capable of altering them or b) you're in the wrong screen and need to go elsewhere to take them off Auto and disable them.

    I personally suspect the former, as that sounds like a board used by OEM manufacturers like Dell or Packard Bell.

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