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Thread: Eliminating "Tearing" effect in 2D games with Vsync & Triple Buffering

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    Eliminating "Tearing" effect in 2D games with Vsync & Triple Buffering

    I’ve been trying to find a way to eliminate the bothersome tearing effect when playing old 2D Direct Draw games full screen in WinXP.

    My setup:
    C2D 6600 @ 2.4GHZ
    GeForce 7950 GT 512MB
    ASUS P5B-E M/B
    2GB DDR-2 Kingston HyperX 800MHZ
    WinXP PRO SP-2 English
    Nvidia Drivers ForceWare Release 163.75
    Eizo 1931 TFT 19” @ 1280x1025 60HZ (specifically 59.9HZ)

    So far I tried RivaTuner v2.06 (from
    In the Direct Darw & Direct 3D settings, I enabled Vsync but with no effect! The tearing still persisted in Dire3ct Draw 2D games; only in Direct 3D games the tearing effect eliminated.

    I then tried D3D Overider (Included with Riva Tuner) and forced Triple Buffering & Vsync in Direct Draw, but alas it still had no impact in 2D Direct Draw games and the tearing still persisted.

    The Nvidia Drivers ForceWare Release 163.75 allows enabling Vsync & Tripling buffering, but only for OpenGL games & Apps, not Direct Draw 2D games.

    So, is there any other way to eliminate the tearing effect in 2D games & Direct Draw in WinXP?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Eliminating "Tearing" effect in 2D games with Vsync & Triple Buffering

    There's a port of Duke 3D:

    JonoF's Games and Stuff : JFDuke3D

    I even managed to get it running on my phone!

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