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Thread: Urgent Help needed! OCZ RAM problems!

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    Exclamation Urgent Help needed! OCZ RAM problems!

    * OCZ part number:-(OCZ2P800R22GK) + (OCZ2A8001G)
    * Module size and kit size:-3gb (3 x 1gb)
    * CPU model and rated speed:-Intel Core 2 E6600@2.4ghz
    * Overclocked CPU speed:-2.4ghz rated at 6.84ghz
    * Divider and FSB used:-AUTO
    * Motherboard and revision:-Asus P5b
    * Motherboard Bios rev:-AUTO
    * Video card:-Nvidia 8800GTX
    * Power supply:-OCZ 600w GameXStream
    * Operating System:-XP SP2
    * CPU and System Cooling:-Fans
    * CPU and System temps:-CPU=40C MB=39C
    * Purchased at/on:-Custom made, April 07
    * Country:-UK
    * Memory voltage:-1.8v

    Hi, Need some urgent advice on a way to resolve my RAM issue (if any) before my 28 day purchase warranty period runs out with ebuyer.

    Previously I had 2gb(2 x 1gb) OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 800mhz Platinum CS4 [OCZ2P800R22GK]. They were working great!

    At Christmas I got another 1gb of RAM, I picked out OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 800mhz CS4 ATI CrossFire [OCZ2A8001GK]. Problems started arising, getting frequent random BSOD's - but only when I was running graphic intensive games like Crysis and COD4.

    The obvious offender was the RAM, thinking it was going to be a simple fault and an RMA. So I did Memtest 86+ T confirm this and tested all the sticks individually and found there to be no problems but then tested them all together and there were countless errors, here is the results of the testing simplified:
    OCZ (1) = no errors
    OCZ (2) = no errors
    OCZ ATI = no errors

    OCZ (1) + OCZ (2) = no errors
    OCZ (1) + OCZ ATI = 600+ errors
    OCZ (2) + OCZ ATI = 600+ errors
    OCZ (1) + OCZ (2) + OCZ ATI = not yet tested but outcome more than obvious

    During these tests the 2 OCZ modules were in slots 1 and 3, and the OCZ ATI was in slot 2. Also tried moving the OCZ ATI module to slots 1, 3 and 4 with no success.

    The obvious problem here is that the OCZ ATI module wont run alongside the OCZ platinum modules for whatever reason. I don't know a lot about dual-channel but as far as I know both (or in this case, 3) modules should be of the same brand, speed, and timings (roughly) and should be in the relevant slots (i.e. 1 and 3 or 2 and 4).

    Is there a way to resolve my problem, and if not, will ebuyer accept a return on the grounds that it will not run in dual channel even though it is supposed to, does this mean it is faulty?

    Thanks in advance

    OCZ2P800R22GK - x2 both are same


    (for some reason it wont let me post URL even though I have made at least 5 posts, so ^^^ are links to my CPU-z results)

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    Re: Urgent Help needed! OCZ RAM problems!

    I would suggest trying to set the RAM up manually, particularly the RAM voltage according to the higher that OCZ recommend for either - probably something like 2.1V.

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    Re: Urgent Help needed! OCZ RAM problems!

    Ok thanks for reply, will try that and get back to y'all
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    Re: Urgent Help needed! OCZ RAM problems!

    Have changed the RAM settings to what they are supposed to be running at rather than what my OS dictated to me, changed values to 4-4-4-15 and changed RAM voltage to 2.1 so hopefully this will make a difference, will edit post later to update findings

    Pic from CPU-Z

    [EDIT] WOW that worked, extensive MEmTEST86+ Running all night - found no errors

    Big Thanks 'BUFF'!!!!!!!!!
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