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Thread: LG204WT: Getting the best display contrast/brightness for HD/DVD viewing

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    LG204WT: Getting the best display contrast/brightness for HD/DVD viewing

    Hi All,

    This seems to be one of the most annoying problems with my PC at the moment: trying to get the best balance of contrast and brightness for watching DVDs and HD-DVDs on my PC (using PowerDVD Ultra).

    At the moment I am using the 'USER' profile on my LG monitor (LG 204WT) which allows you to set brightness and then you can change display settings in PowerDVD using a customised profile. But the movie either appears too hgihly contrasted or the brightness is to low. No movie I watch seems to get the correct balance. I watched Batman Begins and managed to get a good balance and then watched Oceans Thirteen and it was heavily contrasted.

    I have read in reviews that a lot of people have had to change the RGB settings on their LG monitor to get better colour reproduction, but am not to sure on what to do for that.

    If anyone has any tips or advice on this, would be much appreciated.


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    Re: LG204WT: Getting the best display contrast/brightness for HD/DVD viewing

    I played about with mine a lot and in the end I got a great result under the normal mode with brightness and contrast both down a chunk.

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