I've had a Q6600 for a while now and got it running at 3.4Ghz with no problems at all.. RAM running at 760Mhz.

I've been looking to get into Folding recentley and thought i'd might aswell as push my CPU as far as it can go.

I've tried in the past and due to this error i just couldn't be arsed..

The problem is whenever i go over a 380 FSB it just won't boot at all.. The system seems to boot up fine but there's no signal displayed on the monitor.

I've manually set the PCI Frequency to 100Mhz so kind of confused as to what to do next,

I've had a look at Clunks guide to overclocking aswell, made a couple of post regarding same issue but just never resolved it,

Any help would be greatly apprecaited,