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Thread: XFX 780i No post/no video

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    XFX 780i No post/no video

    Hi guys. I am having a issue and its driving me nuts. I just bought a thermal take case xaser 5, XFX 780Sli, cosiar 2gig 800mhz ram and a zalman 1000w. I also have a intel e8500 core 2 duo. Just tryed to boot up and it will not display on my screen,its like its not even plugged up,then i do not get a beep. On my mobo I get the post code ff,mostly everyone is sayin that the motherboard is sayin its ok,its basically something else wrong going on. I have 3 video cards,the pny 8800gts ,a ati x12 something,and a 9800gtx2,still not display but it works on my friends system.. Some one told me to mess with the 8 pin cpu plug,try a 4 pin,I dont know about that. Imma hear from you guys first. But I done spent so much time and money,I really need help. BTW. There is a red light right by the cpu fan power connector,does that mean bad cpu?

    PSU Link
    just type in zalman 1000w in yahoo,it should pop up in new egg.
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    Re: XFX 780i No post/no video

    Have you tried the graphics card in a different slot?

    I had an ASUS sli board once and I only ever got a video signal when the graphics card was in slot 2 rather than slot 1.

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