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Thread: Warranty question

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    Question Warranty question

    I have a few faulty hardware and was thinking of RMAing them as they are within their warranty period.

    The manufacturers are SAMSUNG, LEADTEK , MSI and ASUS.

    What do I need to provide for each of them. And is it a MUST that I have to provide a receipt as well?


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    Re: Warranty question

    Quote Originally Posted by OilSheikh View Post
    What do I need to provide for each of them. And is it a MUST that I have to provide a receipt as well?

    It's all down to them. Probably if you can't provide a receipt they would still fix it providing you pay for all of the shipping or extra costs. Best thing would be to email them,

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    Re: Warranty question

    It will probably depend on where you bought them....

    You have a contract with the retailer you purchased it from...

    Many retailers will handle the RMA back to the manufacturer for you. Sometimes they may recommend you dealing direct with the manufacturer (which can work out quicker in terms of repair/replacement).

    Do you have electronic copies of the order confirmation emails (assuming you ordered on-line)?


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    Re: Warranty question

    Ok. Samsung agreed without a reciept. HURRAY! Just like Seagate.

    Now, I have a faulty ASUS HD3870 and I was thinking should I use a PCI card to boot into my PC and then reflash the HD3870 using the ASUS BIOS from MVKTECH ?

    Will this be a better solution?

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