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Thread: 'Spyware Protection' Virus

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    'Spyware Protection' Virus

    I have somehow got this virus, I think it came through a website, my AV was disabled as the licence had ran out. I've since bought a new licence (Nod32) and its now updated itself and is running again, however it seems to be oblivious to this virus which is called 'Spyware Protection'... it keeps giving me virus warnings, it closes any processes I try to open, this includes task manager so I can't kill it. It seems to let me open internet explorer for some reason, but not firefox!

    I am at a bit of a loss what to do as nod32 isn't getting rid of it, I don't know the virus is called, I can't run task manager to kill it, I can't run system restore (it kills that process too). I have in my head some mention of windows defender although I'm not sure why as it isn't called that, it runs in the system tray and if you open it its called 'Spyware Protection'

    Any help very much appreciated

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    Re: 'Spyware Protection' Virus

    thanks blueball! that fixed it

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