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Thread: Graphic Card Recommendations Help?

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    Question Graphic Card Recommendations Help?


    I have an Old spec PC by todays standards, and I don't game on it any more, but I do still use it for emailing and general web browsing such as youtube etc.

    But, I am having a problem with the graphics card now.Gainward Geforce 7800SE It is fine in the standard size video view on the likes of youtube, but when you go full screen I get weird little multi coloured artifacts all over the place, which gradually get worse, then after a min or so the screen hangs totally.

    I have to hit the esc key and wait a second or so to get out again.

    I also get this if I go to a web site that has vivid colours etc on it's page, but the screen does not lock up, it just shows those small multi coloured artifacts all over the place, and is slow when scrolling the page.

    I have tried 5 different driver versions, but still the same, and I also get the NV4_DSP error now and then, which makes me think that my card is on the way out.

    I am looking for a replacement card to keep the PC going until I replace the whole think later this year, and wondered what yout thoughts are. Remember, I am NOT gaming now.

    Many thanks.

    Specs: Win XP Pro, SP3. ABIT IC7 MAXIII Mobo. P4 3.0 HT CPU. Herculese 5.1 sound card. 1000W PSU. 2GB system RAM.
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    Re: Graphic Card Recommendations Help?

    The GPU is overheating, this is the usual effects you will see when that happens. Have you tried removing the card and check that the heatsink (over the GPU) isn't choked with dust? I have to clean the dust out of my 6800GS every few months or I get similar artefacts and eventually blue screens :-)

    Nozzle of a vacuum cleaner does the job for me, be careful tho or you really will be looking for a new gfx card.

    I am sure this will fix your problem, but if not (and since you don't game) an nvidea 210 or similar would suffice. These can be had for under £20 if you shop around. For around £30 the 6 series radeon base models like a 6450 1GB offer great video functionality but are mediocre at best for gaming. A 5 series would do, but the 6 series GPU has more video functionality. Tarinder has a review of the 6450 and compares it to other cards here on hexus somewhere.

    Also, be aware that due to core speed differences etc the low end 5 series radeons are better for gaming than the 6 series low end cards (even if they have less memory).
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    Re: Graphic Card Recommendations Help?

    Hi Donny John.

    Many many thanks for the reply, I will take the card out and have a look. I have never had this happen with a card before, I just assumed it was on it's way out?

    I may even take it in to the garage and blow it all out, Gently of course, with my air complerror. And take off the fan and have a look and maybe even check out the thermal paste on the GPU base to the fan as well.

    I will try this tomorrow evening and let you know.

    By the way, do you have any links to these cards you mention please, and remember I'm on AGP, not PCIE.

    Thanks again for the help, very much appreciated indeed.

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