INport is a device that runs from the back of a stereo system to the USB port and allows one to record old LP's, tapes or CD's.

I am currently working with INport's tech's to resolve this issue but I might as well as here too in case anyone might have any other ideas.

I have updated my Creative Sound Blaster PCI 512 driver to the newest one. Made sure the software is registered, so as to unlock it's features, made sure all the connections are valid and the USB port is sound and working (same port I use to run my Wacom Tablet from, so I do some hot swapping), made sure the volume levels are all OK and not muted, made sure that I followed the advice of the tech and set the proper channels (Line In) for recording and checked off , under Sounds and Audio Devices Properties/Audio tab, the User only default devices box.

Not sure what to do here. If anyone knows what may be the issue that we have overlooked I would be most happy to hear what you have to suggest!!

Thanks much