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Thread: my halo is in spanish! help.

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    my halo is in spanish! help.

    okay my friend came back from studying from Spain and got me Halo as a pressie (tho i reckon she was playin it herself!). Now i imagined there would be a language select option like there is for console games but i can't find it anywhere! hence the game is all Greek to me!

    is there anyway i can change the game into english, is there a file i can replace? is there a file i can delete to stop the convenant yapping in spanish?

    need help here as im in a right halo mood, what with the halo 2 gold anouncement.

    cheers in advance.

    oh yeah and to complicate matters further, ive got a copy of halo in english aswell but it doesn't work cos its scratched. however i can explore the cd grand (ive also got iso buster). It stops installing at 43% at is there a way to take those maps off the spanish version, add them to the english one via iso buster and then install the english one with the newly aquired spanish maps off a virtual drive?
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