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Thread: Cant Enable Dma Please Help Xp

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    Cant Enable Dma Please Help Xp

    HI ALL

    just got a dv cam to do a bit of stuff reading through the manuel i thought it best to do a fresh install of comp and get latest drivers and stuff have a clean go at it

    anyways further on in the book it says enable dma on hard drive and tells you how device manager and so on well i remember doing this a while back ticking the little box

    went to do it now and it aint there anymore it gone, i installed the nforce 2 5.10 drivers with the ide driver .

    i am not sure what is going on i checked the advanced tab in ide controller for my hard drive and it does say its runnning at ultra dma mode 5 but why dont i get the tab anymore

    any help asap would be great

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    Don't worry about it. I reckon DMA is enabled OK for your drive. Try running HD Tach 3 which you can find here:

    I haven't used it for a while, but the last time I used it (to determine if DMA was enabled on a drive) I seem to remember that if the cpu useage during a test was below a certain percent value then it confirmed that DMA was enabled.
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    You control the transer mode in the properties of the nForce ATA controller with the nForce driver installed. Like you said, it has DMA mode 5 selected.
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