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Thread: Web hosting/domain names...

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    Web hosting/domain names...

    Im vaguely confused, are they generally separate things you have to pay for?

    If I wanted a website, would I have to pay (eg from webmania) £15/year for my web address and then £20 a year for the hosting on top of that? I really like the idea of it, but can't quite get my head around it...

    I basically just want something as cheap as possible, which will allow me to develop a very simple website, and allow me to have unlimited * email, such that anything sent to comes through to me, so I can filter out spam easily...

    Whats the cheapest way of doing all this? Apologies for my complete laziness in lack of researching all this for myself but you lot are all so knowledgeable, and its so much easier this way!


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    With my website, I paid for the web address (from, and use the free space from my ISP to host it. It also has e-mail redirects e.g. e-mails sent at will go to while e-mails sent at will go to
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