So I will keep it short and sweet. I have a server in my garage runs 24/7 and has been a legend. starting to play up recently so i am thinking about getting a replacement. PC is a little ITX biostar with an i3 2105 and 8gb RAM. runs my plex server and I use it to RDP in to from everywhere to give me my desktop whilst i am on the move. I use this PC alot!

i am looking to upgrade the performance of it which wont be difficult but as much as I would like an i7 my budget doesnt stretch. I am thinking about getting a server build, maybe even building it from scratch using 2nd hand parts from here or ebay.

So my questions...
1) I am not familiar with all the boards and socket numbers in the server range, what was a particularly good range of socket and processor, looking at virtualising and having 2 OS's maybe 3 running on the server.
2) I am looking at getting a multi CPU system my budget is about £350. with around 32gb Ram.In my position would you just get a 1st gen i7 or would you get a Dell precision x7350 or similar?