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Thread: looking for 3g/4g PAYG data SIM deal with fast delivery

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    looking for 3g/4g PAYG data SIM deal with fast delivery

    i need a 3g or 4g prepaid data sim, so wondering if anyone has spotted any deals. another thing is i need it to arrive by next monday at the very latest, so if buying online i need somewhere that can send it today to arrive in time. alternately if there are any instore deals, but typically it's online you get the best deals. i just need 1gb or 2gb probably. it's so i'm not using my phone

    separately i need a cheap o2 PAYG simcard to stick in a spare phone as i need to use the o2 priority award thing next week for something. i don't need to do much apart from access the customer award thing. if anyone knows a good cheap place to get one, again i need it by monday at the latest


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    Re: looking for 3g/4g PAYG data SIM deal with fast delivery


    I'm also interested in the latter, for both O2 and Three Wuntu rewards.

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