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Thread: Startup Difficultys

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    Startup Difficultys


    I've recently bought parts for a PC and I am currently putting it together.

    Everything seems to be connected, i've connected both the Hard Drive and DVD/RW to the motherboard using IDE connections.

    My PC will turn on for a period less than 15 seconds, then it will just turn off again, leaving a code on the motherboard "9F"

    My motherboard is the Abit KV8 Pro, and ive checked the appendix of the manual, it does not seem to have any error or startup code "9F"

    This happend before i connected the DVD/RW, my friend said it might be because this was not connected, but i've bought a second IDE cable, and it still happens.

    Could anyone help me out with this?
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    Take everything out that's not essential, such as optical drives, hard drives and PCI cards. If it boots up, put components back in one by one until you find the culprit.

    If you still have problems, you should make sure that you aren't shorting the motherboard. Check that you haven't got any extra standoffs between the case and the motherboard.

    It might also be the heatsink - make sure that you've seated it correctly, since some motherboards automatically turn off if it isn't.
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    Ah, its fine now.

    It was to do with some unplugged wire in the motherboard.

    The 9.F error has caused some difficulty over this forums ive seen.

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