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Thread: can you help me boot windows?

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    can you help me boot windows?

    Just got woken up by a phone call from my uncle with a pc problem.

    It seems AVG did an update or removed something or did something here, but after it asked to be restarted, windows wouldnt boot.
    It comes up with "isass.exe - unable to locate" and also "DNSAPI.dll not found".

    I've looked on google, and I can confirm that this is the one with the L, not the i, as one is a virus, and one is legitimate. I need to know how I can get these two files back in the system.

    Can anyone suggest anything? I really need a hand.
    (this is on XP by the way)

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    If there is nothing on it the simple solution would be to nuke windows and re-install it. If you do however then you need to know where to get these 2 files from as they are an important part of the windows operating system.

    I am sorry but i cannot help you retrieve them. Good luck in finding the solution you need.
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    Ok, put the windows XP disk in the drive and turn off the machine .......turn it on, and tap space to make it boot from the xp disk. After loading files it will give you the option to enter recovery console by pressing that, then press the number 1 for windows xp then enter. It will ask you for administrator enter.
    Now type this command: chkdsk /r and press enter.
    this will replace any corrupt or missing files with ones from the CD and hopefully enable you to boot windows. In my experience this take a variable amount of time and the longer it takes the more it's sorting out..... as soon as its done type exit then press enter and choose boot windows normally and you should be able to boot windows again..... I f not it may have to be a full re-installation.
    Hope this helps

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