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Thread: Advice on a new case

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    Advice on a new case

    Well after splashing out on a new PSU for my ageing PC, I'm planning on getting a new case too. There are several I've seen within my budget but I'm open to suggestions.

    The ones I've seen are:

    Beantech Igloo 1 (aluminium case) and only put this here because I've seen it for £30

    Coolermaster Cavalier 3 (Seen it in PC World and very impressed with build quaility and finish) however, after reading reviews have concerns about lack of filter on front fan & no grill at front for air to pass through leading to unbalanced enter & exit of airflow.

    Thermaltake Soprano Read reviews and seem similar to coolermaster but with filter at front fan.

    Enermax C-527 Seems a great case, not so sure about the sliding covers but reviews states they are solid and stylish.

    I'm not really into lots of flashy lights as I think it's tacky but if it's minimal then I'd consider it.
    If there are no covers for the 5.25 bays then the case needs to be biege/silver as my units are beige/silver. Otherwise it'll need a door.

    Looking for a minimum of 3 5.25 bays and one 3.5 bay. Will need at least 2 HDD bays and ATX format compatible.

    A 12" rear fan is preferable.
    My budget is really no more than £50. I saw the raidmax ninja for £70ish, but now I've ordered my PSU i don't think it's worth getting just for the case. Looks great but been told front part is mesh so not good as I'm trying to avoid mesh parts as I live in a dusty area!

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    I have the enermax case, and it is great value for money.

    The sliding covers work fine, and are high quality, I usually have it down one so the DVD drive is visable.

    Looks a lot better in the dark.

    One downside is that the fan it comes with is a loud bugger.

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