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Thread: ie Sec Settings staying at Default! HELP!

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    ie Sec Settings staying at Default! HELP!

    Hi Hope you can Ps help me!

    I dont know whats happend but i cannot change my ie Security settings they are usually all set at Med-high but now are set to default! I have tried to reset all my progs...Spyblaster,Adaware,Spybot etc etc back to default but its impossible to change the custom settingsto anything other than Default! Do you think it may be a virus ? Any ideas!
    Ps I usually use Firefox Browser (Default) but the Family go on PC and they will stay on Aol which uses ie settings i think !
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    Windows 7 64 Ultimate
    AMD x6 1055T Phenom @3.3ghz
    Asus M4A89GTD-Pro-USB3
    HD 6850 1GB GDDR5
    4GB Corsair XMS3 (2x2GB)
    Tx 650w Corsair PSU
    250GB Samsung Spinpoint Sata HD
    200GB Maxtor Dmax10 IDE
    LG Sata2 DVD/RW
    Lancool K62 Case

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