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Thread: NF7-S2 Will not boot from IDE or Sata

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    NF7-S2 Will not boot from IDE or Sata


    I've got an NF7-S2 motherboard with an XP2500 chip in and 2x512 ram installed in dual channel sockets.

    I've got the "fail safe" setting selected in the bios, and ide and sata controllers enabled.

    At the moment I am only able to boot from cdrom.
    The bios see's the harddisks on the ide and sata controllers, the boot order is cdrom/sata/ide

    I boot from the cd to install an OS - then reboot with on cdrom in. The boot hangs on "attempting to boot from cdrom" - it never progresses past that, if I put a boot cd in and boot the hard disk from the cdrom - it boots, its as though the boot sector is not being installed on the hard disks.

    I know this not to be the case though as I have checked (long story - but I know its there)

    on a side issue the the general bios is / post OS boot sequence is slow, it sits on the sreen hat display's the disks and device for a long time before moving on, almost as if its waiting for a device to time out.

    I've got the latest bios on from abit

    I've got the board running with just 1 ide disk, 1 ide cdrom and a video card on a table at the moment, so really is the bare minimum

    I'm a bit stuck on how to debug this further.
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    I think that I've had a similar problem to this with my NF7-S too. If I remember correctly, it was being quite picky about the order of drives and the Master/Slave/Cable Select settings.

    If you haven't had tried it aleady, switch them from cable select to master/slave or vice versa.

    I'm probably wrong though, and it was all just a dream etc.

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    Try changing the boot order...

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