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Thread: Windows vulnerability detected by Ad-Aware

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    Windows vulnerability detected by Ad-Aware

    I just ran an Ad-Aware scan on my desktop, picking up the following vulnerability.

    Object Type:RegData
    Size:4 Bytes
    Location:...\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\policies\system "DisableTaskMgr" ()
    Last Activity:04-01-2006
    TAC index:3
    Comment: Possible unintended lockout from Task Manager (Task manager access disabled)
    Description:General Windows Security Issue. Your system security may be compromised. The specifics of the possible compromised item are listed in the comments section.

    I recently had an alert from Zone Alarm that "a.exe" was trying to connect to the Internet. A subsequent scan by Kaspersky removed 4 infected files. Ad-Aware quarantined the offending entry, is it safe to delete?

    Have I been hit by the .wmf vulnerability?

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    well you've been hit by something but I wouldn't assume everything (or even anything!) is that particular bug

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