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Thread: Strange Beeps From Case

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    Strange Beeps From Case

    Hi can you ps help me? After reinstalling (clean) my PC due to suspected virus my case ( Mobo) is now giving off the odd beeps (only 1 at a time) this only happens whilst browsing on the net I sometimes hear a wiered clonking noise simular to a disc drive makes sometimes when it starts to spinup! I have looked inside but no obvious signs of fan failures Anyone Please

    Just looked inside Device Manager/show hidden devices/Non plug n play Drivers and the 'serial' has a yellow exclaimation mark. Would this be the beep cause or would it be a problem?
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    Windows 7 64 Ultimate
    AMD x6 1055T Phenom @3.3ghz
    Asus M4A89GTD-Pro-USB3
    HD 6850 1GB GDDR5
    4GB Corsair XMS3 (2x2GB)
    Tx 650w Corsair PSU
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    It could be temperatures. Have you checked them?
    If it's set to warn you in the BIOS after a given chip exceeds a cirtain temp, it could be that?

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    The yellow exclamation mark indicates that the device is conflicting with another.

    There's some stuff on the Microsoft site which might be of use.

    I also found this article which has some good advice.

    If it were me, what I'd try first is to "Remove" the device (is "serial" the serial port(s) ?) using the Remove button in Device Manager and then reboot.

    Windows will re-install rge device and with a bit of luck it wont conflict.

    Once you've got rid of all the conflicts I would upgrade all of your device drivers, fo Motherboard, graphics and sound cards especially.

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