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Thread: Backlight on Laptop gone after taking it apart :(

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    Backlight on Laptop gone after taking it apart :(


    I recently had to take my laptop apart (HP ZE4200) to swap the disk drive, as it didnt work.

    In the process i knocked out the motherboard battery (it was very loose), when i reassembled the laptop and turned it on everything worked except for the backlight on the LCD display.

    The display can still be seen but it is very dark, it works fine on an external monitor.

    I have taken it apart before, to swap something else. And cant understand why it wouldn’t work as i didn’t touch the display. I wasn’t sure if it was something to do with the BIOS being reset.

    Can anyone suggest what i should do, short of having it fixed by an expensive HP engineer?

    Many thanks

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    Just check the cable going to the screen and the inverter, all I can suggest.

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