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Thread: ASUS chipset replacement fan

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    ASUS chipset replacement fan

    just a quickie; the chipset fan on my ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe has started to get a bit noisy. I've cleaned out the fan a couple of times with a cotton-bud after which it quietens down but its not long before it comes back.

    what's the best way to replace it? i've looked around the internet on various shops and can't really find anything. it's just outside the 1 year warrantly from scan (although i'm not sure if there's an extended manufacturer warranty) would i be able to get just the replacement fan sent out to me from ASUS as i'm smack bang in the middle of the final year of an engineering degree and can't really be without my PC for long. or if there is somewhere i can buy a replacement could anybody point me in the right direction?

    cheers in advance.

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    As a short term measure turn the temp sensing for the chipset fan right up so it only turns on full at something like 70c.

    My dfi chipset fan bit the dust recently and I have been running with the fan off completely and it desn't make that much odds. As long as you have good case airflow its a fine temp solution aswell.

    I have just bought one of these from scan:

    Its waiting for me at home now so will report back if it is any use. May do a mini review if I'm bored!

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    I use a Zalman Northbridge Passive cooler and the temps are usually lower than what they were with the fan!

    Makes a massive difference to the overall noise of the PC and it only costs a few bob.

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