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Thread: AGP to PCI-e

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    AGP to PCI-e

    I bought an MSI 6600 PCI-E graphics card and have tried to install it in my computer. I have upgraded from a Radeon 9200 AGP.

    My computer spec is:

    AMD Opteron 146
    1gb DDR400
    Asrock DualSata (OCWBeta1 Bios)

    I uninstalled all my ATi drivers and rebooted. Then, I installed the latest nvidia drivers. I then shut down my pc to install the new card. I took the AGP card out, put the 6600 in and booted up my computer.

    When I turned my pc on, my monitor gave a no signal error. I put the AGP card back in and it works fine. I have set the BIOS to use PCI-E as the default display adapter and cant find anything else to do with AGP or PCI-E.

    I've tried clearing the CMOS but that didnt help. I've also tried using a DVI > VGA adapter to see if that would help.

    Any ideas?

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    Does your 6600 require additional power directly from your PSU (either a 4 pin molex or a PCIe molex connector)?

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