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Thread: Spam emails

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    Spam emails

    all of a sudden we have just started recieving strange emails from random people about investing and rolex watches and the like I'm very carful where I use our main e-mail address and have an alternate one I use for buying stuff or registering etc.

    Could anyone suggest an effective method to deal with this if one exists please?

    Regards Rhyth
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    Not really a method of avoiding it, otherwise spam wouldn't exist at all!

    If it's something that could be guessed easily, e.g., etc, then spam lists may try and pick up on that anyway..

    Do you host your email yourself or does a company do it for you?, best way of sorting it out would be to look into getting some sort of spam software or just changing the main email to something else all together..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhyth
    Could anyone suggest an effective method to deal with this if one exists please?
    If you host your own email and use Linux/BSD servers for the relays then I'd suggest SpamAssassin or even MailScanner (a more complete offering).

    If not, I don't know of any decent Windows based spam filters (I know several crap ones though). Best suggestion I have is to use Thunderbird as your mail client if you use POP3/IMAP or if you use Exchange then I'd suggest upgrading to Outlook 2003 as the junk mail filter on that doesn't suck quite as much as previous versions.

    There must be some better Exchange solution, unfortunately I've never worked anywhere that used it.

    Other than that I'd say mail filtering is a job best left to experts, it's a black art and you can screw things up in oh so many ways. Possibly a service like MessageLabs might be where you should look?

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