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Thread: Network not connecdted

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    Network not connecdted

    Im on a 3 way network going through a vigor 220o USB router. Since yesterday my net cable sing has been saying not connected. So i thought ok, il reboot router. NO LUCK. I then thought i would reinstal the nvida network stuff which came on the CD with my mobo. No luck, so i thought. F88k it, il format, was due one anyway. I format and suddenly the nets up. So i cdarried on installing chipet drvers from CD, and the minute those drivers installed, the sign comes up saying network discconected.

    So stumped on this one, cause everyone elses net is working fine and ive tried 2w diff cables

    Also, my net port goes orange and connects when my pc had a clean format, but once installed chipset drivers etc of CD, the net port turned off, and no orange light was there
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