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Thread: Ontrack Data Recovery - Media Won't Play!

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    Ontrack Data Recovery - Media Won't Play!

    Hi All,

    I recently suffered a crash whilst partitioning my HDD. Upon re-boot my second drive was completely inaccessible.

    After a while I managed to access it but there was no data (previously around 90GB worth). I decided to install Ontrack's data recovery software. I first attempted in raw mode but this left me with around 20,000 mp3's without filenames. So then I decided to do a format recovery. This completed with 100% success according to the program, however upon further digging there is a file with 9GB of data called LOSSFILE and on top of that there are lots of media files such as divx and mp3 that will not open anymore.

    Can anyone shed any light on this and if there is anyway of getting my beloved divx films to play again?



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    Can't say for certain if it will save all your files (you'll never know until you try) but I've had good success in the past using R-Tools ( You might have to spend some cash to get the better ones nowadays tho...
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    My dear friend you have "bad sectors", I would not advise you to boot from this drive again as you may be damaging the head and even the platters!!!!!!!!. Dont try with any other recovery software, thing could deteriote even further!

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