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Thread: Call of duty 2 Lag FREEZE

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    Call of duty 2 Lag FREEZE

    Basicly, Randomly.

    My online cod2 game will just stop moving and say 'CONNECTION INTERUPTED'

    At that time everyone else moved as normal and i can hear the mmoving etc, however when i move it keep jerking me to the same spot.

    Some times i get discouncted or sometimes if i wait for 30 secs or so it comes back on.

    My guess my upload gets cut off? whether that is from provider (bt), or firewall/program

    I use avast and do not use a firewall.

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    I suppose you could test your connection by setting a ping going to the game server and check what happens when your connection drops.

    ping -t

    on the command line (Start > run > cmd).

    I have no experience with CoD2, but I hope this is a good place to start. When the connection goes - check what's happening in the command window.


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