Hi guys .,
Some of you will remember last time i was here i had a probelm with my pc (wouldn,t work possibly RAM).
Any way i slung it got a new one (second hand from a friend) and began setting it up. Everything okay except for when trying to access internet through WAN i get "403 Forbidden" message in internet explorer. I set a new supervisor account and connected okay on that account. I deleted all other accounts including friends old account and created one new (limited) account for my daughter. This account shows same 403 error when trying to access internet. Everything is set up as was old pc which connected fine. Like i said all works well on supervisor account so i removed parental control and made account supervisor on my daughters account but still no joy.
Networjk access between pcs ok.
Just remembered there was another message along with 403 but can only remember part (access list) logging on to her account now to check and i will post soon