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Thread: Dvi_hdmi Woes

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    Dvi_hdmi Woes

    Hi guys i recently purchased a 32LCD tv to lear at my pc on and did a bit of research that confirmed i should only need a dvi to hdmi lead which i bought set up and had running on my radeon x800 pro. Now i was changing an plug and accidently pulled out the tv's plug while connected to the pc and running.
    Ever since i have been unable to reconnect to the tv. I even bought a new gfx card to see if it would help but doesn't the thing is when i goto the ati properties it only lists my vga monitor and nothing connected to the secondary output of the card though if you turn the tv onto the hdmi port the monitor flickers a few seconds like it's trying to be recognised. tried all the available reso. supported by tv but still nothing. Could i have damaged anything by disconecting the power abruptly? Or should i get a new cable to try. I'm now using a redeon x1600pro 512mb ram sapphire. Anyone has any ideas before i loose the rest of my sanity been at this three days. TIA

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    what's the screen?

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    Try uninstalling the ATI video drivers (including Driver Cleaner) then re-install them.

    Failing that, try booting from cold with only the LCD TV connected (you might even try this first) to force a connection.

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    It's a yusmart lcd tv but i had superb pic quality with my x800pro. Already tried cold reboot with only lcd connected. Installed new drivers 3 times as well.

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