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Thread: IDF 2007 : Intel follows AMD and goes offroad - or is that 8x4?

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    IDF 2007 : Intel follows AMD and goes offroad - or is that 8x4?

    Eric Kim, Intel's Senior VP and General Manager of the Digital Home Group, barely hinted at SKULLTRAIL, the company's attempt to appeal to the deep-walleted enthusiast with its take on a multi-socketed, multi-graphics platform
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    There surely can't be many people with the money to buy two ultra high end graphics cards (say two 8900GTX or two HD2900XTX), plus another ultra high end card for physics (assuming we can't use older ones), plus an expensive dual socket motherboard and a pair of CPUs for it.

    Most of us won't be able to afford a dual CPU setup by either company but at least it will bring the prices down.

    It will also increase power consumption (two CPUs rather than one)-> hopefully another incentive for the firms to decrease the power used by future CPU designs.

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    it's all overkill... why cant they stick to 1 cpu, 1 or 2 gfx cards like normal and make the cpus better and the gfx cards better performing for the power.

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