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Thread: MESH Harness AMD's HD2900XT In New Computer System Range

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    MESH Harness AMD's HD2900XT In New Computer System Range

    MESH Computers have thrown their hat into the ring today with details of a new line of performance orientated systems, the MESH XHD range, based upon AMD's HD2900XT graphics solution.

    Discover more in this HEXUS.headline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navin View Post
    ...MESH XHD range, based upon AMD's HD2900XT graphics solution...
    Looking at the pricing for the whole system, it seems to suggest that the 8800GTS 640MB and HD 2900XT are interchangeable in terms of price

    The HEXUS testing on the HD 2900XT showed it beating the 8800 in Quake () and Splinter Cell, but losing in FarCry

    So, I guess, which way you go with the cards will depend on what kind of games you like playing

    Wonder how long before Tarinder exposes a flash of DX10 in-game results ?

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    (I also had the HEXUS forums on speed dial just in case )

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