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Thread: Review - Five FM transmitters for iPods and personal players

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    Review - Five FM transmitters for iPods and personal players

    Day-tripper John Hill climbs into his automobile, his baby beside him at the wheel, to check out five FM transmitters for use with iPods and other music players.

    These FM devices transmit the output from your music player on a chosen frequency and this is picked up by the in-car radio just like a conventional radio station.
    Griffin was one of the very first to offer an FM transmitter
    for iPods, turning iTrip almost into a generic name, like Hoover


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    Useful little gadgets these things! I bought one over ebay from Hong Kong for something like a fiver, & use it to play music through my vintage 1980's ghetto blaster. It's great for BBQs, lounging in the park on sunny days, or just walking through town turning heads at the monstrosity on your shoulder

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    Why no Macally PodFM

    I think the best value for money is the Macally PodFM - just read the reviews on and ull see for urself.
    I have been using it for two years now in India's heat and dust and its working beautifully. I especially like that the receiver sits attached to the lighter socket and not lying about like the belkin when connected via a wire.

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    There is alot more to the connectivity of these devices than you realise.

    Any devices that use ANY of the Apple ports on an MP3 player (apart from headphone) have to pay Apple royalties for its use, that is why the jack-style solutions can undercut the direct plugged varients in cost.
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