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Thread: COMPUTEX 2007: A-DATA Previews 32GB ExpressCard Flash Drive & 266x CF

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    COMPUTEX 2007: A-DATA Previews 32GB ExpressCard Flash Drive & 266x CF

    No details were forthcoming on overall speed or price. A-DATA did say, though, that the 32GB model would be available in two versions, one with a mini-USB port, thereby adding another to your notebook.

    Discover more in this Computex 2007 Headline.
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    Quote Originally Posted by article
    The first was an ExpressCard-based flash drive. ExpressCard, if you don't know, interfaces via a PCIe x1 connection and, as such, provides a nominal 2.5GB/s of bandwidth in both directions. Whatever the real speed, it beats the hell out of PCMCIA and USB2.0. It's becoming pervasive on newer laptops and A-DATA has taken advantage by releasing a 32GB flash-based drive that plugs right on in.
    FYI ExpressCard is PCIe x1 OR USB 2.0. It has both and the version for the flash proabably uses the USB to avoid having to redesign for the USB version.

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