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Thread: VIA's Future Technology Revealed!

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    VIA's Future Technology Revealed!

    Small/perfectly formed might conjure up thoughts of a Lotus Elan or Penelope Cruz, but can VIA really claim the same for UMD/Ultra Mobile PCs? Nick fills his palms with VIA's latest tech to see if it's as satisfying as they say...
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    I can't wait to get my hands on one of those pico boards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumpman View Post
    I can't wait to get my hands on one of those pico boards.
    Scarily desirable !

    Next time we must remember to bring some 'Mars Bars' etc with us to show relative size !

    I reckon the bulk of the research should go on 'what size keyboard can people work with ?'

    I am of Polish extraction - designed to mine coal with me bare hands in the middle of winter

    Blackberrys kill me - but some PDAs are OK

    Just a little bigger would be great - and THAT kind of board could form the foundation for such a device

    500g to 1.5Kg will rool very soon IMHO!

    I kept 6 trusted serving men, they taught me all I knew.
    There names were what and where and why and how and when and who.

    (I also had the HEXUS forums on speed dial just in case )

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