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Thread: Rockstar's Hot Coffee mod dispute almost over

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    Rockstar's Hot Coffee mod dispute almost over

    Take Two Interactive's Rockstar Games has almost brought the long running dispute over the 'Hot Coffee' mod to a close after agreeing a preliminary settlement with the United States District Court to pay its class members up to $1.025 million in benefits.
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    Re: Rockstar's Hot Coffee mod dispute almost over

    Dear oh dear.

    These are people who knowingly bought a 'Mature' rated game (18-rated in the UK), in which it is advertised that you are able to shoot and kill people, punch and kick people to death, steal cars, drive dangerously, run pedestrians over and shockest of horrors - fly an aeroplane, sorry 'airplane', into a building*.

    These people are now crying to the courts because in this game it is possible, by purposefully going out of your way to visit a 3rd party site and download an additional piece of software, which is explicitly mentioned as being an unauthorised modification to the published game**, which allows you to see a short softcore scene involving two cartoon characters (being a PS2 port, you can hardly describe them as 'lifelike').


    I am, however, glad to note that Rockstar have to choose between the options of

    a) paying the class members $35 each, or
    b) providing each class member with an updated version of the game. Cost? Maybe $1.50 each, inc postage.

    *If you so choose. You will of course 'die' instantly.

    **Even though the code was all already there, it was purposefully not utilised by Rockstar in the published game. It's like an artist painting a naked woman onto a canvas, and then completely covering it with an initially entertaining but eventually somewhat tedious landscape. Millions of people can visit the gallery and view the painting without issue, until a third party takes a scalpel to it and peels back the top layer...

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