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Thread: MAD solution to speed cameras; burn them!

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    MAD solution to speed cameras; burn them!

    A group going by the name of MAD (Motorists Against Detection) has announced plans to destroy all speed cameras in the UK. Seriously, we aren't kidding.
    Read more.

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    Re: MAD solution to speed cameras; burn them!

    I never knew such a group existed! Interesting reading

    Interesting how he says: "Most of the organising group are just ordinary blokes with families who are sick of us heading towards a police state." and then "We want to see a higher police presence of trained officers patrolling the roads and put Britain back at the top of the road safety league where it was before the introduction of these infernal cameras."

    He does have a point though... I have to admit to not always driving within the speed limit... but if I were to see kids walking on the pavement, or any other possible hazard, I slow down. Same goes for if I see a police car... However, those who drive a little fast, and don't pay attention to their surroundings, deserve to be given a fine and points by a police car...

    I have 3 points on my licence when I was driving home from London on the A303 at 3AM... A lorry was coming the other way, so I dipped my headlights; soon as he passed... flash flash... I got the letter saying I was doing 72mph in a 60 zone (the A303 varies from 60-70 as it changes from dual to single carrageway constantly) - in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, with only me and a lorry on a huge road, just after a section of 70mph dual carrageway - I don't think speed cameras are safe or fair, and they don't catch dangerous speeders - the most dangerous speeders are boy racers, that fly around small town roads they know - speed cameras won't catch them... but police patrols would.

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    Re: MAD solution to speed cameras; burn them!

    some dudes too an angle grinder to a speedcam on the a45 between coventry and rugby, we didnt think the authorities would bother putting it back up since they had recently installed a roundabout 20 past the speedcam. low and behold ten months later it pops back up again. If your heading onto a roundabout your gonna be decelrating anyway. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!!
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    Re: MAD solution to speed cameras; burn them!

    This sounds like a responsible news item...

    Who picks up the bill for these pricks destroying government property? The taxpayer.

    Who doesn't slow down when they see a speed camera? How many people speed when there isn't one? How many times do you see drivers doing 40 into a 30 zone consisting of built up housing? How many people have seeen and taken notice of the road saftey ads showing the difference between hitting a child at 20 & 30mph? Not having speed cameras is going to make motorists drive more safely?

    2 quid most MAD members read the Sun. Have a go heros!

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