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Thread: Liverpool supporters plan ambitious takeover

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    Liverpool supporters plan ambitious takeover

    When you're not happy with the current owners of your football club, and perhaps recent team performances too, what better solution than to plan to buy gather your supporters and buy out the club?
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    Re: Liverpool supporters plan ambitious takeover

    Its worked for barca and a raft of other top flight clubs in europe.

    The problem is that even though the americans have shafted the clubs history and broked promises they made when they came in(Burdening the club with debt now)

    The real issue is that Rafa isnt the man for the job anymore. He`s done a good job so far but he`s brought in too many ordinary players and refuses to play his best players all the time. It annoys me that Crouch is left on the bench whilst Kuyt plays. I like kuyt a lot and you cant fault his commitment but he just isnt good enough for the club.

    Hopefully if this deal goes through and we get rid of the yanks then we can start looking at getting a manager who understands the club. I still like the idea that was being talked about in town last summer of Getting Daglish back and aldo in. They know what the club is about and could do a really good job

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    Re: Liverpool supporters plan ambitious takeover

    Four premiership clubs are now owned by Americans who I'd guess have only a financial interest in the club.

    I really hope this goes through.

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