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Thread: Headlines - Cooler Master revises channel strategy

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    Headlines - Cooler Master revises channel strategy

    New distributor line-up reflects drive to promote brand more actively through the channel.
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    Disappointed and puzzled.. from Bosse Computers Ltd

    Disappointed and puzzled.

    Bosse Computers started doing business with Cooler Master (CM) in March 2006. Had you heard much about CM two years ago? I have to say that it is unlikely, at that time Cooler Master had only 2 customers in the UK. I went to visit customers with the CM representative together. I particularly remember because one of the customers commented that Cooler Master would only be working with Bosse for a few months as they have a habit of dumping their distributors. Perhaps I should have been warned!

    We have worked very hard for Cooler Master. We have introduced them to all our customers and as a result, over the last 2 years, their sales have increased exponentially – today everybody has heard of CM and you will see them on most online e-tailer sites.

    Why am I disappointed? Because Bosse have done a good job for CM and yet CM has rewarded us by dropping us with only one days notice!

    Why am I puzzled? Because they have offered little explanation other than and I quote Mingkei Wu (Cooler Master’s representative)
    “I understand we all been working hard for the business. I must appreciate.
    I understand this company direction will give bosse damage on business. The new direction is for CM focusing on branding and marketing. We just need to find partners who can work on this task.”
    I can only assume from this that they don’t rate our ability to promote their brand or market their products and yet the evidence of our single handed success on both counts over the last 2 years suggests otherwise…..

    I trust they know what they are doing and wish them the best of luck.

    Christina Tsai
    Bosse Computers Ltd
    Wharfside Way
    Trafford Park
    M17 1AN
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