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Thread: Review :: Rock Band - Xbox 360

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    Review :: Rock Band - Xbox 360

    Overall Rock Band is a great game hampered by the cost of getting the instruments to play it.
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    Re: Rock Band - Xbox 360

    Excellent Review.

    I can vouch for this game being absolutely AWESOME

    You can get the kit for a cheaper price of around 99 pounds if you check the usual suspects like I did on Friday.

    I would like to point out to many people as well that for the Mic to function, you have to connect a controller to the xbox 360 in order for it to work. I didn't and was wondering for 10 minutes WHY it wasn't working when I started the game for the fist time.

    I've also noticed that it works with my PC and connects under the name of "logitech USB Mic"

    I spent all weekend unlocking and playing songs over and over again to reach 5 stars on all instruments - drums, guitar, bass guitar and of course Microphone, and I suspect if my neighbours here my dulcit tones singing Rock and Roll Star by Oasis one more time there's going to be a murder on our estate.

    harmonix should have supplied some noise dampners for the drums as well as they don't half make a racket, but I've found that cheap mouse mats cut to the right size and shape is a cheap way of doing this

    So, was it worth the money I spent?

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    Re: Rock Band - Xbox 360

    Remember the price drops as well today folks.

    Play has knocked £40 off the asking price, so it's £140 for the lot. Still too expensive though.

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