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Thread: Alone in the Dark trailer

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    Alone in the Dark trailer

    Edward Carnby is back and fighting the forces of a nameless evil in New York's Central Park.
    Watch the show.

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    Re: Alone in the Dark trailer

    whoopee do.. yet another thing to tempt me into upgrading my PC.. if you keep tempting me HEXUS, I will have to break into my Mini ISA and you'll upset my mum.. do you really want that on your conciense, my mum upset and dissapointed..

    the main character reminds me of me.. a large part of my memory has dissapeared and i know about things i really shouldn't... not seen any zombie bats but there have been strange occurences with animals.. some witnessed by other people...

    basically I like the look of this game and it has a main character that makes sense from my point of view... collectors edition with 15cm figure here I come!!
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    Re: Alone in the Dark trailer

    This game looks great

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    Re: Alone in the Dark trailer

    Our review of Alone in the Dark will be up this afternoon.
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