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Thread: Reviews - Samba De Amigo - Wii

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    Reviews - Samba De Amigo - Wii

    Classic Dreamcast rhythm game reinvented for Wii. Shake those Maracas like Bez from The Happy Mondays...
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    Re: Reviews - Samba De Amigo - Wii

    Hmm. Tempted to get a Wii just for this. I got my DC out on Friday night and found that one of my sets of maracas has stopped working properly, which is a bit upsetting, since they were bloody expensive. The fairly clumsy ultrasonic detectors and wires were never ideal though and I daresay that a Wiimote is far more accurate.

    I'm surprised at the comment that the controls are over sensitive though. The DC and (AFAIK) arcade versions don't punish extra shakes, and it's possible to score reasonably well in the easy modes just by shaking the maracas like a loon in the general direction of where the balls are going.

    Reading the song list it appears that the best song in the DC version- the theme from The Greatest (or Ali Bombaye as the game calls it) isn't present. That's a real shame if true. I suppose the addition of Groove Is In The Heart might well make up for it though.

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    Re: Reviews - Samba De Amigo - Wii

    No official Maracas controllers are available?

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